Metal Name Plates

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Metal Name Plates

Our metal name plates area available in black and gold. Engraving on each of the colors is gold. The images below are approximate as the website cannot adequately portray the reflective metallic nature of the material.

Additionally, name plates can be engraved with logo(s). Browse our engravable logo selection

These metal name plates can be mounted on our wood bases. Please specify either Mahogany ($9.95) or Walnut ($11.95) during order. These metal name plates can also be used with our door/wall holders. We are able to custom size these metal name plates as per your request.

Gold on Black

Gold on Black
Font: Helvetica VI & Roman II
Logos: E-9 logo (logo B) and USCG Logo (logo d)
Mounted: Mahogany $35.90 / Walnut $37.90 + logo engraving
Unmounted: $27.95 + logo engraving
Size: 4" x 18" or 4" x 20" - $34.95 + logo - Letters/Characters $0.45 each 

Gold on Gold

Gold on Gold
Font: Helvetica VI & Roman II
Logos: Eagle Logo (logo j) and DHS Logo (logo HLS)
Mounted: Mahogany $35.90 / Walnut $37.95 + logo engraving
Unmounted: $27.95 + logo engraving
Size: 4" x 18" or 4" x 20" - $34.95 + logo - Letters/Characters $0.45 each